Our company offers the following professional services:

  • Training on Explosion Protection (Ex) knowledge and skills
  • Assistance to manufacturers and industries for ‘Ex’ certification
  • Advice and assistance on review of Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) requirements
  • Provide inspection and audit on ‘Ex’ installations

Training on knowledge and skills

  • To help you and your staff better understand the complex field of explosion-protected equipment and hazardous areas.
  • Better understanding of
    • IEC standards 60079 series
    • National Electrical Code of USA ( NEC) requirements,
    • Institute of Petroleum IP 15 Technical Guide
    • Ingress Protection (IP) classifications
    • IECEx scheme requirements
  • Correct methods of handling and installing ‘Ex’ equipment and systems

Assistance to manufacturers and industries on ‘Ex’ certification

  • Users needing to find out whether equipment has appropriate ‘Ex’ certification.
  • Advising industries requiring help in getting certification as Service Provider or Manufacturers of ‘Ex’ products.
  • We assist through our extensive network of contacts. (This can cover achieving compliance with standards through Certifying and Testing Bodies and product oriented quality management system development)

Classification of hazardous areas

  • We can provide you with recommendations on Hazardous Area Classification to the relevant IEC or NEC standards.
  • Review current Hazardous Area Classifications or reclassify after additions or modifications are done.
  • Prepare new or revise Hazardous Area Classification drawings.
  • Recommend engineering specifications for equipment and systems to be installed in hazardous areas.
  • Provide development of ‘Ex’ training material and/or delivery of training on client’s behalf.

Technical Inspection and Audits

  • Provide services to product certifying bodies seeking trained auditors in the ‘Ex’ field to audit manufacturers, including initial and surveillance audits.
  • Conduct technical inspection and audit on behalf of Plant Owner, Insurers or Statutory Bodies on ‘Ex’ systems and equipment integrity.
  • Assist in investigation to determine cause of fires or failures in hazardous area.