ExPIC 2012

ExPIC 2012, the 6th Explosion Protection Industries Conference was successfully held on May 14-15, 2012 with 65 participants. ExPIC strives to promote awareness and advances in Explosion proof technology, latest revision in IEC standards for equipment in Hazardous Atmosphere. A total of 13 papers were presented. See

Mr Rob Watson, IECEx Secretariat, Australia presenting "IECEx Scheme". ExPIC 2012 in session. Participant Robert Foo, Petron Refinery, Port Dickson, seeking clarification on Ex std.
Mr. Gerhad Schwarz, Convenor for IEC 60079-18 (Ex M) explaining "Explosionprotection Basics". Ex Equipment Basics by Dr Wittler, Exam, Germany. Dr Lienesch presenting "Ex Inspection Guidelnes".
Mr Peter Thurnherr, thuba, Switzerland
presenting Ex Inspection Requirements per IEC60079-19.